sophiaHi friends, welcome to Massage Helper, my little place on the web dedicated to everything related to massage.

Who is Sophia?

My name is Sophia and I am the owner and main creative force behind Massage Helper. I originally studied textiles at university, but have always had a burning passion for massage and the human body. I love the idea of being able to help various ailments in the human body through the power of touch. In just the right spot, with just the right amount of pressure, you can help people in truly amazing ways.

An Important Change in Career Path

Because of my passion for all things related to massage, although I appreciated what I had learned at university about textiles, I knew it really wasn’t the right thing for me so decided I had to do something that really challenged me and gave me a real purpose in life. So, I enrolled in a few massage courses and consumed all I could about the subject.

Now, 5 years later I am working as a masseuse (and a very good one if I do say so myself, that may sound arrogant but I have yet to have any complaints from my regular customers).

Why Massage Helper?

It is naturally in my nature to want to help people. I feel it’s one of my best qualities. So, it makes sense to be doing a site that revolves around helping people. I came up with the idea of Massage Helper though after my boyfriend suggested that there would probably be a lot of people looking to get into massage who needed some advice, tips and to be generally pointed in the right direction. I had wanted to run a blog or site for some time, but was a bit nervous about putting my voice out there. But now with the experience I have under my belt, I thought it was a really good idea.

The more I researched what people were looking for when they searched online for massage-related queries, questions and subjects, I realised that there were a lot of people who needed a lot of help.

Therefore, this site was born!

Who Will Benefit from Massage Helper?

I would like to say that I hope everyone and anyone, especially those with a keen interest in massage, will benefit from the posts and suggestions on this site. It’s aimed not just at beginners to massage who are looking to hone their skills recreationally, but also at people who have genuine aches, pains and problems with their bodies who are looking to massage as a form of treatment.

As well as covering lots of interesting things about different massage techniques and which is best for which parts of the body and physical issues, I will also post lots of recommendations for products available on Amazon. There are so many massage-related products out there, including personal massagers, massage mats, facial spas, compression socks, compression boots and so much more. I know how much of a minefield I found it during my formative days in this profession, so can understand how you feel if it overwhelms you, which is why you need my recommendations to cut through all the sales speak and discuss whether a product is good or not.

Please take time to browse through the posts already on the site and check back regularly as I will be adding more regularly from now on.