Why An Eye Massager Might Be For You

With so many of us spending our lives looking at screens all day, it’s no surprise that eye strain and headaches are on the increase. Many people are discovering the benefits of an eye massager for easing eye strain, and there are many reasons why an eye massager might be for you.

How they work

Wearing an eye massager is similar to wearing an eye mask, except they have features built in to help relax the area around your eyes. They often have different massage modes and features and are portable.

Eye massagers work by stimulating the area around the eyes. This might sound daunting, but they have a built in air bag so the pressure they apply is not painful. They can stimulate the eyes, cheeks, eye brows and temples and most eye massagers target the acupoints. To help with the massage, they can include varied air pressure, heat, vibration and some even offer you the option to play relaxing music. Like an eye mask, they block out any light, which helps you to fully relax the eyes.

Some eye massagers use batteries, and some have the option to recharge them. If you plan to use your massager regularly, check how long it takes to charge so you can keep it ready for when you need to use it.

There are different types of eye massager available and it’s important to get the right one for you.

Wearable eye massagers

These are ideal for anyone who wants to use the massager for a long time. They are worn over the eyes and are bigger than an eye mask. They are usually padded at the sides for comfort. As they are intended for longer use, they offer different settings for massage and heat.

Manual eye massager

These are designed for shorter massage sessions of just a few minutes. These are small, hand held massagers which you move around your eyes to get the benefit of the massage.

Infrared eye massager

These eye massagers use infrared instead of heat, but work in a similar way. They also improve your blood circulation around the eyes, and this naturally helps with healthy eyes and better vision.

Heat eye massagers

This uses heat when massaging, which opens up the pores around the eyes. This helps skin creams to penetrate the skin, so your skin looks and feels healthier.

They can also help reduce puffiness around the eyes, like the HoLead-IREALIST Air Pressure Eyes Massager with Heat Compression.

This eye massager offers it all when it comes to the best eye massage. It makes use of heat to help relax and soothe the eyes and when set at 40° Celsius it is the perfect setting to relax the eyes. The air pressure helps to give a pain free massage, while the infrared option helps to increase the blood circulating around the eyes so they will be naturally healthy. There are 3 massage modes to choose from.

  • Sleep mode provides a gentle massage
  • Med is for a soothing massage
  • Hard provides a more invigorating massage

All options can all be set with a timer, so you can relax for 10, 15 or 20 minutes, and it will turn off when the time is up. It also offers the option to play music to relax you even further. This eye massager really helps if you suffer from dry eyes, pressure headaches, sinus pain or eye strain.

It has adjustable straps and the frame is flexible so you can alter it for the best fit. It comes with a USB cable and a rechargeable Lithium battery, which provides 90 minutes of use with one charge.

To aid your relaxation further, there is a built-in speaker which can be set to play nature sounds.

Eye massager features

When considering an eye massager you should always check that it provides the features you will need.


As the skin around the eyes can be tender, it’s important to get a good fitting eye massager. If it is badly fitting it will not only be uncomfortable but you will not get the full benefit of wearing it.

Some massagers are adjustable and this is important to so you can not only get it to fit your head, but you can alter it so it gives the right touch on the eyes.

Check what the mask is made of. The massager should be lightweight and made of soft material. Some masks will have silicon around the edge while others will have soft padding to protect your eyes.


All massagers offer different settings and options for heat and massage intensity. The more settings the eye massager offers, the more you can control your massager. You won’t always want your massage to be the same intensity, so it’s important to be able to set it to suit your requirements

The REAK Eye Massager Eye Mask with Heating, Vibration and Air Pressure is just one eye massager which offers you total control. This eye massager has been designed to help relieve eye strain, sinus pain and headaches and dry eyes.

This multi-function eye massager provides air pressure, vibration, heat, compression and music so you are guaranteed to have the perfect massage every time. The heat function will go to 42°C which is a calming and relaxing temperature for the eyes. The massage concentrates on the acupoints around the eyes and temples and can include the eyeballs, while the air compression helps to reduce pain caused by eye strain and puffiness around the eyes. The whole massage experience will help improve your blood circulation around the area of the eyes, relax the nerves and help you to get a better night’s sleep.

The music feature is optional and the eye massager comes with pre-recorded sounds of nature and relaxing music which you can listen to through the built-in speaker. The massager can be adjusted so you can get the perfect fit, and the inside is very comfortable on the skin so it will not rub. It is also very easy to take with you as it can be folded down and placed in a bag.

It is powered using a lithium battery and when fully charged can run for up to 90 minutes. A USB cable is included and it also has a timer which is preset to turn off after 15 minutes.


This may not be an option you think of when considering an eye massager and it’s down to your own personal preference whether you have an eye massager with music or not. Not all eye massagers offer music as an option, so if you think you need this, check that your massager has this.

Adding music can help you to relax, so some massagers come with music or nature sounds built in, or allow you to add your own.

The benefits of an eye massager

The obvious benefit of an eye mask is relaxation but there are many reasons why an eye massager might be for you.

  • Pain reduction: Eye strain can cause headaches, so an eye massager can help reduce the pain of a headache by relieving eye strain. They also work around the eyes, so they can massage your temples and other acupoints around the face to help relax those as well.
  • Good for the skin: The right eye massager can help open up pores and this helps any face or eye creams to soak deeper in to the skin. Massaging the skin around the eyes can also help blood circulation, which can help prevent aging of the skin.
  • Better vision: By improving the blood circulation around the eyes, this makes eyes healthier and helps your vision.

One eye massager which provides all of these benefits is the Breo iSee 3S Electric Eye Temple Massager. It is ergonomically designed and adjustable so it will fit any size of head. It folds in half so it is portable and comes with its own travel bag, and the material and lining are very soft when it sits on the face.

With features which include air compression, heat, vibration and music, this eye massager can be set to provide the massage you need every time. The heat function can help reduce dry eyes and puffiness when it is set to 42°C, which is the optimum temperature for improving blood circulation. The vibration setting works on acupoints around the eyes to help relax the muscles and ease any tension.

Eye pain and fatigue and also be relieved using the air compression feature. It also has the optional added bonus of relaxing nature sounds such as rippling streams, birdsong and waves which are all built in to complete your relaxation experience.

It uses a rechargeable lithium battery which provides 90 minutes of usage so if you use it for just 15 minutes every day it will last you most of the week. The charging time is just 2 to 3 hours and it can be charged using a USB cable.

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