How To Use A Foot Spa Machine

At the end of a long day a foot spa machine can really help relax you. To get the full benefit though, you need to know how to use a foot spa machine. Your feet tend to be overlooked when it comes to pampering your body, and yet they work hard for you all day. There are many benefits to a foot spa machine, but let’s first find out exactly what they are.

Foot spa machines

In days gone by people used to soak their feet in a bowl when they needed to relax. A foot spa machine is similar in size and shape to a bowl, but it has more features, and is designed to pamper your feet.

The machines are filled with water, and depending on the type of machine it is, it will keep the water warm, massage your feet or provide bubbles to soothe them. Some foot spas will even have a timer so you can set the controls and sit back and relax while it gets to work.

Before you use a foot spa, check that it’s safe to do so. Some medical conditions such as diabetes and circulation problems mean it can be dangerous to use one.

When you’re looking to purchase foot spa, consider the features it will have and the benefits you want to get. Not all foot spa machines are the same and here are most of the things you will need to think about.

  • Size. While most foot spas are the size of a large bowl, you can get smaller ones and even some which collapse down. These can be very useful if you have minimal storage space as they can be tucked away when you’re using them.
  • Temperature control. This is often a basic function of most machines, and it can also be quite an important one. If you want to relax and soak your feet, the last thing you want is for the water to just get cold. If you have temperature control you can maintain the water to a nice relaxing temperature to suit you.
  • Bubbles. Bubbles not only feel good but they help reduce the pressure which has built up in your feet. If you want this feature make sure that you can control the bubbles so that they are not too strong or too weak.
  • Massage. Some machines come with massage rollers and these are a wonderful way to fully relax your feet. You should first check that the speed and intensity of the massage can be altered to suit you.
  • Oils / salts. Not all machines allow you to use oils or salts in the water. If you want to use oils check before you buy your machine that it can handle this or you may end up damaging it.
  • Drainage. Not everyone can lift a foot spa full of water, so a drainage function can come in very handy. This helps you to drain the water out without having to lift and carry it.

Reasons to use a foot spa machine

Apart from helping you to relax there are other ways where a foot spa machine can be of benefit.

  • Anything which helps you to relax can reduce your stress levels and potentially your blood pressure. If you can keep your stress down, that can help reduce headaches and other aches and pains in the body.
  • Another benefit of being relaxed is that you can get a good night’s sleep, and this can give you many health benefits such as reduced pain and a clearer mind.
  • If you have a foot spa machine which allows you to use oils and salts, then you can use these to help reduce the toxins in your feet and from your body.
  • A foot spa can relax your feet and lower legs, which helps reduce the tension felt in the surrounding muscles. If you suffer from arthritis this can help to reduce the pain, but check first with your doctor that it is safe for you to use a foot spa.
  • The feet contain many reflexology points and the correct use of foot spa can help relax these and this can help all areas of your body including your digestive system.

What you need

The most important things you need are time to relax and peace and quiet to fully enjoy your spa. If you have that, then you will also need a few things when you use it.

  • Apart from the spa itself, and water, you will need to have a towel close at hand to place your feet onto or dry them.
  • If you want to use salts or oils make sure you have them arranged before you start so that you don’t end up looking for them with wet feet.
  • If you want to give your feet a pedicure at the same time, you will need all your equipment for that, such as nail clippers, nail files and a pumice stone.
  • If you want to moisturise your feet when you finish, don’t forget to have your moisturiser handy.

How to use a foot spa machine

Using a foot spa isn’t difficult, but unless you do it properly you may find you are not quite as relaxed at the end of it as you would like to be.

  1. The first thing you should do is place your foot spa where it needs to be, remembering that you will need a plug to operate it. If you place a towel on the floor first, this can catch any water which may spill out and stop your floor from getting wet.
  2. Before you fill it with water, have all your essentials ready. You will need a towel, oils or salts, and any pedicure equipment ready at the side of the spa.
  3. Even though you are going to soak your feet, wash them first. This helps to remove any dirt which may interfere with the use of the machine, and will help any salts or oils you use to soak in to the skin.
  4. When you are ready, fill the machine with water, being careful not to fill it above the maximum water level mark. It can save time if you use water which is at the right temperature for you, then you can set the temperature control on the foot spa machine to maintain it.
  5. Put your oils or salts in the water and give them time to mix in.
  6. Sit down, place your feet in the spa, and choose the settings you want. Then just lie back for 10-15 minutes, letting the foot spa do all the work.
  7. When your foot spa has finished, turn it off, and dry your feet.

When you’ve finished with your foot spa machine, empty it out and clean it so it’s ready to use next time.

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